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Try our weekly or monthly Juice Program with recent squeezed 100% vegetable and fruit Specialty Juices or smoothies. Jeannette and Philemon are small-scale farmers, new parents, and recent GHI graduates. We’re healthier now that we’ve attended trainings.” See how the couple works collectively to create a health residence and community. Because we are genetically programmed to search out nature engrossing, we're absorbed by nature scenes and distracted from our ache and discomfort. Nature can additionally be essentially linked to our human spirituality. Gardening Can Improve Your Hand Power Gardening also can enhance shallowness, as a end result of plants reply to care no matter who provides it and are non-threatening and non-discriminating. Plants may give aged or different patients who haven't any family one thing to look after. All the advantages of viewing a garden are additionally current when you are gardening. In addition, engaging in gardening is a superb physical a